Sunday, 19 January 2014

Lib Dem Lords come on Board - Rennard needs to apologise

Despite the decision to allow Lord (Chris) Rennard to rejoin the Liberal Democrat benches, several Lib Dem peers have now spoken out supporting Nick Clegg’s request for an apology before Lord Rennard is allowed to rejoin the Lib Dem team in the Lords.
The list of peers to make supportive statements in public or to Lib Dem members that have contacted them is influential and as follows:


Rock the Boat has spoken to others inside the House of Lords and there are more peers who share their concerns but do not wish to be publicly named.

The peers who sit with Lord Rennard all know him well and in many cases they have known him for several decades. The decision for them to publicly call for an apology cannot have been an easy one and Rock the Boat welcomes their courage and their leadership at this very difficult time for the party.

A spokesperson for Rock the Boat said: “It is a huge relief for ordinary Liberal Democrat members to see the Lords’ team responding to the concerns raised by the grassroots membership. This is a painful time for all Liberal Democrats, and publicly asking a long-term friend and colleague for this apology cannot have been easy.”


Contacts - Grace Goodlad - member of Rock the Boat Steering Group - 07957 464743


Rock the boat is a collective of over 400 Liberal Democrats who are campaigning to end the culture where sexual harassment is commonplace in politics.