Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tam's pregnancy - part II

What happens if you announce some interesting (to friends & family) news via various online channels?

1. Twitter - nothing at all - reflecting the fact that I only have one follower.

2. Blog - roughly 25 visitors found the news out that way, and a few said congratulations in the comments. This seems to be a combination of my regular visitors plus a few people who noticed it on LibDemBlogs.

3. Facebook - at least 25 people noticed, with lots of wall comments and messages. This included quite a few people at my work - and gradually they've told other people at work. Cumulatively I reckon half my company (ie 50 people) now know indirectly this way.

I'll sweep up by email at some point in a few days - but it's an interesting reminder of quite how un-viral even interesting news can be.

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