Wednesday, 8 July 2009

How has the Prime Minister got almost a million Twitter followers?


No.10 Downing Street, much less noticed than Stephen Fry's following on Twitter, has amassed almost a million followers on Twitter.

This must count as by far and away the biggest, and least noticed, success of Downing Street's digital team.

I take my hat off to them for this. Why on earth aren't they crowing about it more though?

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Mark Pack said...

A (very) large part of the explanation is that it got included in the list of recommended accounts which appears when new people join Twitter.

Credit is due to the team for getting the account to the stage where Twitter thought it worth including in that list, but the huge growth in numbers subsequently is largely due to that inclusion (and the overall growth in Twitter).

Alex Boden said...

Are you tweeting yet Rob? @shalmaneser