Saturday, 17 January 2009

My Society

My Society are the most inspiring bunch of internet geeks you could hope to come across.

They sum it up rather neatly:

200,000 people have written to their MP for the first time, over 8,000 potholes and other broken things have been fixed, nearly 9,000,000 signatures have been left on petitions to the Prime Minister...

, one of their best projects, is simple and effective. You leave your complaint, the council deals with it, and MySociety logs their success (or failure). I can, for instance, see that 100 metres from my front door somebody has reported a badly lit alley, and the council has promised to fix it.


Alef said...

Do the My Society projects just help people to communicate with politicians or do they also connect people with each other?

I'm a big fan of the freecycle lists. It's handy to cut out the inefficiency of charity shops and directly give secondhand objects directly to those who use them.

Rob Blackie said...

It's a combination of both.

In fact you know Richard Pope, who created the fantastic '' for them.