Friday, 16 October 2009

Using the internet for basic communications

One of the most basic things you can do online is to send out briefing and comment on a news announcement.

Boris Johnson's announcement of a fare increase yesterday produced the following reactions:

·         1.57pm Lib Dem press release response – scrappy and untidy but fast and with lots of detailed briefing on the back of it. Useful if I was a journalist needing a quick comment or anyone trying to get to grips with the detail.

·         3.53pm I get Progressive London’s (ie Ken Livingstone) response – a well formatted but wordy explanation of everything that’s wrong with Boris. A bit too detailed for a press release, not detailed enough to be a briefing.

·         6.12pm I get Boris Johnson’s explanation from the GLA. This is the best formatted of the lot, basically his Evening Standard article cut & pasted. Well written and comprehensive. Serious rather than his usual jokey tone.


I’ve checked and Labour officially don’t seem to have responded to the increase in London (e.g. their London website) – except from via the media. 

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